Vita and PSP Will Communicate with Each Other

So what if everyone hacked the PSP? So what if the platform’s title’s didn’t turn out the biggest number of sales due to piracy? So what if the PSP faltered in comparison to the commercially superior DS? Everyone makes mistakes, right?

Sony wants to show that multiple mistakes shouldn’t be anything to come between two people, or in this case, two platforms. It turns out that the PlayStation Vita and the PSP will sport cross-communication features for multiplayer games via ad-hoc. This means that if two people are playing the same game, with one player enjoying it on the PSP while the other proudly boasts about it on the brand new Vita, they’ll be able to communicate with one another and play together.

This is awesome news for gamers who enjoy handheld multiplayer titles. A big concern seemed to be that the Vita, which can download PSP games, wouldn’t be cross-compatible with the PSP, which would mean some gamers would have to bust out their PSPs every time they wanted to get some multiplayer action going. Glad to see this isn’t the case.

Granted I don’t know too many people who even play a lot of multiplayer games on the PSP, but this is still a nice touch. In any case, the Monster Hunter games are very popular, and there will no doubt be a lot of gamers who want to enjoy the classic titles in this series on their Vita handhelds. That is, of course, until a new Monster Hunter game comes out exclusively for the Vita, in which case those same individuals will shun their PSP-owning buddies for the snazzy new software.