Visceral denies new Star Wars game being an open-world RPG

They also deny the Han Solo focus.

Electronic Arts has been doing their best to temper excitement over Visceral's upcoming new Star Wars game by say it's still "few years away." Their best attempts have yet to turn away the ever watchful gaze from the community.

After Naughty Dog's former creative director and writer, Amy Hennig, joined Visceral Games to lead the creative efforts for the new Star Wars game, eyes and ears have been glued to the project.

Rumors have suggested that EA is working on an open-world RPG set in the Star Wars, whether or not the rumored open-world game was Visceral's project was unclear at the time of the rumor. New information has suggested that Visceral's game is not the open-world RPG Star Wars we have been looking for.

According to the game's co-writer, Todd Stashwick during a podcast from Geekleagueofamerica (via WCCF), we shouldn't believe everything we see.

“If you believe the internet, the internet thinks that we’re doing an open-world, RPG, Han-Solo game, and none of that is anything that we talked about,” said Stashwick. “We have not released any details about our game.”

By his logic, we might not want to even believe him. They haven't released any details – the game could still be anything our imagination wants it to be.