VirtuePlay’s Lunar Racing Championship Releasing in Fall

July 21, 2009


Anniversary of NASA’s Moon
Landing Marks Racing Simulation’s Giant Step Closer to Release

As the entire world celebrates the
40th anniversary of humankinds’ first steps on the moon, gamers will soon have
the chance to race other players on the moon’s surface in their very own lunar
racers. VirtuePlay, producer of positive and responsible interactive
entertainment for children and adults, today revealed Lunar Racing Championship,
a multi-player online racing simulation game set on the surface of the moon,
will be coming to PC gamers everywhere this Fall. Using NASA’s actual
topographical and environmental data from the moon, Lunar Racing Championship
provides a scientifically realistic accurate experience combined with the fun of
a multi-player racing videogame in what VirtuePlay is terming “NASA meets

“Lunar Racing Championship is an
industry-changing look at gaming,” said Mary T. Duda, CEO and president,
VirtuePlay. “Not only is it a realistic depiction of the elements involved with
a ride on the moon, the game maintains a positive, educational gaming experience
as players will see the actual topography from NASA recreated in striking
detail. For those who want to experience space, but can’t travel there – yet –
we give them the moon.”

Lunar Racing Championship
incorporates high-resolution, infrared photos of the moon and other data from
NASA’s Clementine satellite. Players compete on virtual racetracks that project
ultraviolet images onto lunar speedways. VirtuePlay also synthesized and
hand-created detailed maps from areas such as the Apollo landing site and the
poles of the moon to make this title an immersive experience.

At the core of Lunar Racing
Championship is the RADE engine, proprietary game technology developed by
VirtuePlay’s sister company, VirtueSoft. RADE allows VirtuePlay to accurately
simulate rigid bodies on the lunar surface, and its Reaction Control System will
give users the ability to maintain control of their lunar racers in the moon’s
unique gravitational pull.

Lunar Racing Championship will be
available in Fall 2009 for PC and soon after as a coin-operated arcade game.