Vircom Files Piracy Complaint Over T4C Hackers

Vircom Files Piracy Complaint
Over T4C Hackers

Company Seeks to Protect
Copyright of MMORPG

Montreal, September 3, 2003 – Over
the past weeks, it has been brought to Vircom’s attention that some people are
offering various emulators and other pirated software related to its MMORPG "The
4th Coming". As a consequence, the company has filed an official request to law
enforcement authorities and will be prosecuting the offenders.

Reported piracy acts vary between game emulators up to complete server software
theft. "Vircom will not tolerate any violation of its copyright" says Sylvain
Durocher, founder and CEO of Vircom. "We have put years of effort into T4C and
we are not going to let it go down because of piracy".

Vircom has filed an official complaint to legal authorities and will be
prosecuting any offender who is running or distributing pirated servers,
emulators or cheating software. "We already have a partial list of offenders and
we are monitoring the Internet closely to track down all the persons involved",
concludes Mr. Durocher.

In the meantime, the company wishes to remind T4C players that they should only
connect with authorized operators to enjoy T4C. A complete list of T4C operators
worldwide is available on the
official T4C site

Vircom asks T4C enthusiasts to
report any
of its T4C copyright. The information sent to this address will
remain strictly confidential and will be treated with the utmost discretion.

About T4C

"The 4th Coming" is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG)
designed by Vircom and first released in 1998. It soon became one of the most
popular of its genre with hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic players
worldwide enjoying its numerous adventures and quests. Today, the game is in
operation in ten countries and five languages and has become a real cult for
MMORPG enthusiasts.

About Vircom
Since 1994, Vircom specializes in advanced Internet infrastructure and
client-server solutions. Last year, the company has ceased MMORPG development to
focus on its core business, secure messaging and anti-spam solutions. However,
Vircom has vowed to continue offering operation licenses of its world-renown
MMORPG "The 4th Coming" at players’ general request.