Vindictus Enters Open Beta

Nexon America has revealed today that the Early Access to Open Beta phase of their MMO Vindictus, and players can now redeem their beat keys in order to get access to the game.

Additionally Nexon will be offering up a several events for players to get involved in. The events are categorized into three different groups, “Passion!,” “Power!,” and “Persistence!” The Passion! Events include the following:

– Wind through the Ruins: Achieve 190 Battle Points and receive 10 Goddess Grace.
– Final Slingshot: Achieve 165 Battle Points and receive 10 Tokens and 5 Party Revival Feathers.
– Kobold Chief: Achieve 190 Battle Points and receive 10 Goddess Grace.

Players can display their power by obtaining these three titles for 10 seals of dedication each:

– “The Aloof Magician’s Assistant”
– “Whipped by Shayla”
– “Semi-Respecter of the Elderly”

Additionally, players can receive a special capsule with 100 AP for completing the Persistence event, where they’re required to level their character up to level 10. All of the progress players make in the beta and their created characters will be transferred over when the game goes live.