Videos Games And Boobs: Porn Stars Launching New Gaming Site

Whats better than video games? Video games played by topless women. At least that what porn stars Alana Evans and Misti Dawn are hoping. According to XBiz, Evans and Dawn are starting a new gaming website with a sexy twist on live-stremaing gameplay. The site, called Pwned By Girls (, “will feature the stars and their friends playing topless and streaming every minute of game play.” and will let the performers interact with their fans.

“I’m very excited to share with our fans the new project we have started,” Dawn, who goes by the Xbox Live gamertag meowmistidawn, said. “Are you a gamer? Are you sick of pretend gamer girls? Yeah, us too. Time to pwn some n00000bs with our b00bs.”

So what will be the first game these classy ladies “pwn some n00000bs with [their] b00bs.”? It’ll most likely be Gears of War 3, judging from their September 20 launch date, which coincides with the release of the game.

“I am a huge Gears of War fan. It’s my favorite game to play on Xbox Live, so when I came up with this idea and presented it to Misti, I knew the release date of Gears would be the perfect start date,” Evans, a.k.a. Superpinkninja, said. “Misti is probably the most dedicated gamer girl I know, so she was the obvious choice as my partner for Pwned By Girls.”

The site features a Porn Star Gamer Girl party, allowing users to play games with the stars, but also lets them watch the girl “get down and dirty” while pwning gamers across the world. The website will eventually host every gaming party, provide in-depth profiles of each Porn Star Gamer Girl, game reviews by Evans and Dawn, and photos and clips from previous Gamer Girl sessions.

Other porn stars will join Evans and Dawn as they host the parties in Dawn’s Nerd Lair, where they will play games topless with fans via Xbox Live or PS3 online and stream every minute of gameplay.

I like the idea, but I think it’ll be hard for the girls to get “down and dirty” since most games require both hands. Maybe they could use a third hand? If so, I’d be more than willing to help. Of course, they could live-stream Kinect games and have their hands free….just sayin’….