Video Gamer Gone Entrepreneur

Video gamer gone entrepreneur
designs a more cost effective alternative to pricey gaming tables for the avid
living-room video game enthusiast.

Nashua, NH July 28, 2005 – The days
of balancing dinner, a drink, a game controller and a key board on a coffee
table of food stand are over. G Wiz Corp., a new manufacturer of video gaming
relate products, introduced today the first images of their upcoming product
dubbed the T.E.C. (Technology, Entertainment, and Competition) Table.

“We are very excited to finally show
the world the T.E.C. Table, our solution to all your living room technology
blues,” said G Wiz Corp. President Gary Pearson. “The T.E.C. Tables unique
design and full range of adjustability from the floor to virtually any household
furniture will solve the conformity issues that plague today’s living room
technologies and greatly enhance the user’s experience.”

Pearson offers a table that is as
versatile as it is simplistic, at a fraction of the price most other gaming
tables retail for, and without the need for a schematic, bag of easily misplaced
parts and accessories, and without the need for a power screw driver.

The T.E.C. Table encompasses a wide
range of option including: an ergonomic, sturdy, flat, smooth table top surface,
engineering to be adjusted from the floor (14”) to practically any household
furniture height (28”), floor legs (long legs) are push button adjustable for
easy set-up and storage, couch legs (short legs) are independently adjustable to
conform to your location, adaptability with all game controllers: keyboards,
mice, steering wheels, arcade sticks, etc.. clamping system built into bottom of
table to secure controller to table top, controller clips to make hands free
typing a breeze during

game play, lightweight collapsible
design makes storing the T.E.C. Table a snap, also great for laptops,
workaholics, and couch potatoes

Pearson, also a diehard video gamer
himself insists that the T.E.C. Table will accommodate even the most serious
gamers with the most serious conformity issues. Don’t hesitate to see the T.E.C.
Table on the web at
, and see if it can solve your video gaming technology