Vice City, San Andreas Could Possibly Be Ported to iOS

Grand Theft Auto III just celebrated its 10th anniversary, and what a glorious celebration it was. Even to this day, the game that popularized the sandbox genre still holds up incredibly well with only a few rough edges. Rockstar is currently focusing on the iOS version of the game, but the company seems to have an open mind about bringing other installments in the series to Apple devices.

Speaking to Digital Trends, Rockstar stated that it could possibly bring Vice City and San Andreas to the iOS market. The company made it clear that doing so would prove to be a "technical challenge," and given how much bigger the worlds in Vice City and San Andreas were than GTA III, it certainly makes sense. That said, Rockstar made it clear that porting these games to iOS is "very possible."

Though Vice City certainly had more content than GTA III, I could imagine San Andreas being the real challenge. After all, the map was huge, the missions were bigger, there were more weapons, and the whole scope of the entire game was massive. Knowing that there's a chance for these two titles to go mobile, however, is still pretty cool.

All of Rockstar's efforts, though, are currently on porting GTA III, so if you want some free-roaming crime in the palm of your hand, watch out for that. Here's hoping we do get Vice City and San Andreas on iOS down the road. That would be pretty damn sweet.