VGX viewers topped 1 million

Spike TV's new VGX show, presented earlier this month, drew in 1.1 million viewers from over 100 countries, according to media company Viacom, which rebooted the show due to consumer demand.

Viewers spent an average of 32 minutes watching the three-hour show, which was streamed online. That may not seem like a lot, but Erik Flannigan, the executive vice president of digital media for Viacom, said TV shows only have to be watched for 6 minutes to count for the Neilsen ratings (for television audience measurement).

"So in our world, the idea that someone watched 32 minutes … well we can't do the Nielsen math for you, but it would be a giant factor of what the rating was for that show," he told Polygon.

VGX, formerly the Video Game Awards, was co-hosted by games journalist Geoff Keighley and comedian/actor Joel McHale.