Version 2.0 WinSPMBT Upgrade Available!

Version 2.0 WinSPMBT Upgrade Available!

Enhancements and Bug Smashing!

Hampstead, NC, 27 September 2005 – The Camo
Workshop, in conjunction with publisher Shrapnel Games, is excited to announce
the latest upgrade to WinSPMBT (Windows Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank).

The version 2.0 patch, weighing in at around
12 MB, is now available for download from the Shrapnel Games website and at
GameZone here:

The patch does not simply addresses a few
bugs, version 2.0 is also an upgrade to WinSPMBT and provides a number of new
enhancements to the title. Additionally, a new campaign by Mike Torrance is
featured in the upgrade, and nearly three dozen scenarios that were created by
Ulf Lundström and Bill Wilder after the games release have been integrated into
the games scenario list for convenience, bringing the total number of scenarios
in the game to 144.

The version 2.0 upgrade is applicable to both
the CD Edition and the Download Edition.

While originally intended to bring the
Download Edition in sync with the CD Edition post-production, the project took
on a life of its own, and thanks to the unwavering dedication to the WinSPMBT
community of The Camo Workshop this patch now offers so much more to gamers.
Here are some highlights of the version 2.0 upgrade:

* In addition to the current PBEM security
mode a new "basic" security type has been introduced.

* The CostCalculator, and all the OOBs, now
give extra cost for modern high-tech equipment such as range finders, fire
control systems, et cetera.

* Artillery and aircraft bomb collateral
blast damage has been modified, and it is now possible to view the potential
blast radius of such weapons during an artillery barrage or airstrike.

* If the "reaction turn" is set to "Turn 98"
in a scenario units will hold in place for the entire game.

* Game Visibility can be changed from the
"View Map" screen now. In effect, this gives players a second chance to decide
on the visibility, and also allows the adjustment of visibility in campaign

* Upon exiting the scenario editor without
saving the scenario is automatically saved to slot 999 as an auto save, thus
preventing the accidental loss of a newly crafted scenario.

* Vehicles and artillery pieces "dug in"
within a hex showing sandbagged revetments that exit can regain their "dug in"
status one turn after re-entering the sandbagged revetment hex.

* Game maps can be scrolled using the arrow

* Thermal Imaging can have their LOS blocked
by multiple hexes on fire.

* Much, much (and we mean much!) more…

For a complete listing of the scores of
enhancements, new features, and bug fixes check it out at the game’s download
location, which is here:

WinSPMBT is the result of years of hard work
from a team of global Steel Panthers fanatics. You may have played earlier
versions of SPMBT, but until you’ve played WinSPMBT you ain’t seen nothing yet!
New scenarios, new terrains, updated OOB files, new and revised vehicle icons,
an even more intelligent AI (already pretty smart to begin with), enhanced PBEM
tournament features, a more robust scenario editor, all make WinSPMBT the best
version available. This is the real deal, accept no substitutes!

WinSPMBT is available in two flavors: the
completely free, downloadable edition and the purchasable CD edition. While the
core program remains the same for both, the CD edition provides fans with a
plethora of bonus features of great interest to tournament gamers, or scenario
creation artists.

For more information on WinSPMBT, or any of
our other award-winning conflict titles, please visit
There you’ll find our complete lineup of games, along with their supporting
demos to download for your enjoyment.