Vermintide’s next piece of DLC gets release date

It looks really good

The surprise hit from last year, Warhammer: Endtimes – Vermintide, keeps on getting a whole lot of love from developer Fatshark, and now the release date of their latest DLC has been announced.

The next piece of DLC for Vermintide called Karak Azgaraz will be set among the "snowy peaks of the Grey Mountains". Karak Azgaraz comes with three new great looking maps and a bunch of new weapons to collect, perfect for slaying vermin with.

To prepare for the DLC launch Fatshark will be hosting an open beta between December 2 – 4 which will include one of the three new maps. The playable map will be "Chain of Fire" where the heroes will have to fight through the Skaven hordes to light a beacon to war the Dwarven settlement located nearby, to warn them about the approaching vermin threat.

With the console versions of Vermintide being released is seems like Fatshark will now be able to focus on creating more updates and content for Vermintide. Or as the CEO Martin Wahlund puts it.

"It’s been a busy Fall in Ubersreik, and it will get even busier with the arrival of the new Karak Azgaraz DLC on December 15. Quest and Contracts, Summer Solstice, and the Halloween event have kept the players on their toes. We are excited to continue bringing more content, and we are appreciative for their continuous support playing the game" 

As an extra incentive to play Vermintide Fatshark is giving away one free loot per day until Christmas Day, so get online and start playing to get your free loot, and to save the world from the Vermintide!

Karak Azgaraz is set for PC release on December 15, the console release will be announced at a later date.

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