Verizon iPhone 4 Rumored for March 2011

In response to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, it looks like Apple may have finally decided to start expanding their iPhones onto other providers beginning with Verizon next March. Although it was already widely speculated that a Verizon-compatible iPhone would eventually hit the market, a research analyst stated that it will happen soon citing Asian parts as their source.

“It won’t be just for Verizon,” said Brian Marshall an analyst for Gleacher & Co during an interview with SFGate. “There are international carriers that use CDMA, like KDDI in Japan, so I expect that Apple will make a big global push, not only in the U.S.”

With Apple setting up a media event on Ocotober 20 for a possible announcement, it appears that Nintendo’s 3DS may have competition when it gets released next spring in the United States. Although it remains to be seen just how much providers, such as Verizon, will modify the iPhone with their own app and music store (VCAST.) Based on the history of the company, their phones and their software, Verizon will more than likely implement their proprietary application/music market VCAST, into the phone preventing gamers from taking full-advantage of the thousands of games on Apple’s app store. I sincerely hope that they prove me wrong. Next big Apple announcement I’m personally hoping for? Flash, yes please.

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