Veigar is a bad Santa in this year’s League of Legends Christmas holiday skins

Christmas is a mere two weeks away, so you know what that means — Christmas Holiday skins for League of Legends! It's the most wonderful time of the year when we see champions dressing like Santa Claus, when they clearly have no business wearing a red suit. This year, Riot Games is releasing some of the coolest Christmas Holiday skins I've seen so far. Hell, they're some of the best skins in the game period. You can view all of these skins on the public beta client, or head over to to see all of the animations for these skins.

Holiday Katarina

Holiday Katarina

Katarina is the most appropriate champion to sport the sexiest Christmas garb. With a tiny Santa-themed corsette/mini-dress and thigh-high striped Christmas socks, she's the present everyone wants to unwrap. Make sure you check out her recall animation. I'm not going to describe it in detail, but it involved a candy cane stripper pole. Yea…

Dark Candy Fiddlesticks

dark candy fiddlesticks

Looking like something out of a nightmarish version of Candy Land, Dark Candy Fiddlesticks is the only creepy Holiday skin for 2012. I can see that he's still festive, but this is the type of skin that comes out to play when not a creature is stirring — not even a mouse.

Snow Day Ziggs

Snow Day Ziggs

This is what I imagine everyone in Green Bay looks like in the middle of Winter, which is August for them. A stark contrast to Pool Party Ziggs, Snow Day Ziggs and his frozen beard and creepy smile just want to have a snowball fight with creepy snowman heads.

Bad Santa Veigar

Bad Santa Veigar

No, it's not Veigar dressed up like Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa. Bad Santa Veigar helps you realize the true meaning of Christmas — fear. Also featuring some of the coolest animations, his recall has him jumping into a chimney. Let's hope you don't see this Santa coming down your chimney on Christmas. And if you do, I hope you have Merc Treads.

Holiday Skins for Wards

gingerbread ward

Wait a sec… is that Teemo?

snowman ward

Also coming to League of Legends is the ability to gift RP, Champions and Skins to other summoners. According to Examiner, a new gifting system is coming with these skins. They're going to make sure that account security can't be exploited as you send these gifts to your friends. This is going to make my holiday shopping a lot easier.

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