Vanilla Live Games Announces Night Racing and Rain for BETandRACE

October 13, 2008

Vanilla Live Games Announces Night Racing and
Rain for BETandRACE

Following hot on the heels of the Formula One’s
night time race in Singapore, Vanilla Live Games are pleased to announce they
have added two new features to their game BETandRACE; rain to make controlling
the car harder on those tight bends and Night time driving, so gamers can
experience the thrill and danger of driving fast at night, were the skill of the
driver comes into play, either win or crash and burn in last place.

BETandRACE, the first online arcade racing game,
where the user has the possibility to race in real cities, with authentic cars
against real opponents for real money. The user has the chance to select between
different cars (such as Volkswagen). The game contains three track-types in each
city: a round circuit, a sprint track and a drag track, so download and strap
yourself into the driving seat.

The user has the possibility to train offline and
improve his own racing times. When you play online in the ‘play money mode’ you
can race against 7 opponents to train up your skills.

It’s possible to race for play money, which you
receive for free from Vanilla Live Games when you register for the game. Real
racing atmosphere offers the real money mode (you must be 18+), where you can
multiply your stake with only a ç1,- bet against 7 opponents. Great money- and
goods prizes are waiting for you from the end of October on which you can win in