Valve Unveils Steam Guard, Uses Intel IPT

Valve has announced a new security feature for Steam by the name of Steam Guard. By taking advantage of upcoming Intel Identity Protection Technology (Intel IPT), users will be able to link their account to a specific PC, and any attempt to change the account’s settings from another computer will require direct approval.

Intel’s IPT is an encrypted hardware-based feature that generates new numerical passwords every 30 seconds to maximize security, effectively integrating the processor functionality that previously required a separate card or key fob. The system also requires a standard username and password to block intruders.

“Account phishing and hijacking are our #1 support issues,” said Gabe Newell, President of Valve. “With Intel’s IPT and Steam Guard, we’ve taken a big step towards giving customers the account security they need as they purchase more and more digital goods.”

Steam Guard will be available to third party developers looking to apply the feature to their own applications through Steamworks.