Valve job listing could indicate ‘Steam Box’ in the works

There have been rumors that Valve is looking to enter the console space. As expected, these rumors have been met with much speculation, and many individuals have been wondering what the company could do if it had its own console on the market.

A recent job listing looks to feed the rumors and speculation brought on by this whole "Steam Box" business. The posting by Valve indicates that the company is searching for new employees. But it doesn't seem as if it's looking for people to help with Steam or Valve-developed titles. No, this seems a bit … different.

"Most people think of Valve as a company that makes video games–and we are," reads the listing. "But we also built the software that powers those games and the platform that lets millions of fans play, share, modify, and build communities around more than 1,800 titles. That makes us a full-spectrum entertainment studio. As such, our search for talent has taken us beyond the game industry and into the fields of architecture, economics, psychology, and industrial design. We’re not just growing. We’re diversifying. Where to next? You tell us. We’re after talented people with original ideas and the passion to realize them."

While Valve has stated in the past that it has no interest in making a console right now, this job post is certainly cause for plenty of speculation. Personally, I would love to see Valve develop its own hardware down the road. I know I'd support the platform. What exactly could this job listing mean? Is the company really planning to break out with a home system of its own?


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