Valve has already sold 35 percent of its available Steam Machine early delivery hardware

Better pre-order now or wait until release.

Valve's Steam Machine (along with the Steam Controller and Steam Link) received its official release date last week and has already sold over 35 percent of its early delivery stock. The release date announcement was paired with a special pre-order incentive that was sure to have people purchasing the platform ahead of time.

Anyone who pre-ordered/pre-purchased a Steam Machine, Link or Controller before the official release date was eligible to receive their Steam items weeks in advance. Instead of November 10th, pre-purchasers would have their gear on October 16th – while supplies last and it looks like supplies are running out.

With over 35% of early delivery stock already claimed, if you want your Steam Machine (or Link or Controller) ahead of its release, you might want to pre-order now.

As per Valve's Press Release, all Steam Machines offer full support for Steam's In Home Streaming, in addition to offering support for native Steam OS games. This means they can transmit and receive In Home Streams, and allow them to play all the games on Steam when paired with Steam PC.