Valve found to be most desirable games employer by new study

A new study from the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), which surveyed over 2,200 games developers, has found Portal and Half-Life maker Valve to be the most appealing studio for those working in the games industry. This includes self-employment, making Valve more desirable than being one’s own boss.

As GameSpot reports, a single question spearheaded the study: “What developer/publisher would you most like to work for?” Although the studio has slowed its games output considerably in recent years, Valve is plenty active and, most notably, currently has its hands deep in the virtual reality cookie jar and is quite taken with pumping out its own hardware line in an effort to bring Steam to the living room.

The top 10 most desirable games developers are as follows:

1.       Valve

2.       My own company

3.       Activision Blizzard

4.       BioWare

5.       Ubisoft

6.       Current employer

7.       Nintendo

8.       Naughty Dog

9.       Double Fine

10.   Bethesda Game Studios

What’s your dream studio?

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