Valve announces new game and it’s not Half-Life 3 or Portal, it’s a Dota card game

Great... another card game.

Despite being one of the biggest companies in gaming, Valve doesn't seem super interested in making actual games anymore. The days of story based games like Half-Life and Portal are gone for Valve, they're much more interested in the "games as services" business. It's much more profitable for the team to make online games that they update with content that can be obtained through microtransactions and loot boxes. Counter-Strike and Dota are some of the biggest games on PC and they've been out for many, many years, so it's no surprise that Valve's next game is something that'll likely follow this business model.

Following the trend of online card games based off of major IPs, Valve will be adapting Dota into a card game by the name of Artifact. There aren't a ton of details regarding the title right now other than it's launching in 2018 but you can check out a teaser down below.

Despite the online card game genre being a booming business for developers, fans aren't exactly thrilled with the announcement that Valve's first full blown game in nearly 5 years is just a card game. You can view some reactions below.

Artifact is due out on Steam in 2018.