Vae Victis Exposes the Monarchies

November 14, 2008

Vae Victis Exposes the Monarchies

Trust No One in the Upcoming
Expansion Pack for Europa Universalis: Rome

In the latest developer diary entry
for Vae Victis, details have emerged regarding the monarchies in the upcoming
expansion pack for the grand strategy title Europa Universalis: Rome.

In Vae Victis, the ruling monarchy
relies on a council that consists of five technology magistrates and ministers
to advise on all governmental affairs. However, your council is not to be
trusted according to Henrik Fhréus, Lead Game Designer of Vae Victis: “The
ministers are important since their skills affect your country in many ways. If
managed right, their bonuses will equal or surpass that of the ruling party in a
republic. However, it can be dangerous to appoint your most skilled characters
to the council since some may favour themselves, a relative, or even a friend,
rather than the legal heir. Thus, when the king dies, or possibly before – if a
majority of the council is unhappy with the legal heir – they may decide to back
a pretender and spark a civil war.”

To read the complete entry along
with the previous entries for Vae Victis, please visit:

Europa Universalis: Rome – Vae
Victis is scheduled for an online release on November 19th, 2008 and will
require Europa Universalis: Rome to play.

The expansion pack will be available
via digital download from GamersGate, the leading digital distribution platform
creating easily accessible gaming experiences for gamers worldwide, with a SRP
of $9.99.