USPS locates and delivers $10K worth of missing games to archivist

Phew, thought this was going to be a sad story.

In mid-February, it was revealed that the United States Postal Service (USPS) had either lost, stolen, or forgotten about around $10,000 worth of SNES games (100 games) that were on their way to Byuu, an amateur video game archivist.

Later, Byuu revealed that the USPS had found part of the package – the label. Fortunately, there's a happy update to the story… The USPS has recovered all of the missing games! Today, Byuu reported that the package arrived safely, with all of the games intact. 

As it turns out, the package was sitting in Atlanta, Georgia for well over a month, without going anywhere. Byuu believes that if this issue concerning the missing package hadn't gone to the media, the package would have been neglected and ultimately donated or auctioned off with other undeliverable items.

Before the package was located, Byuu set up a Paypal and Patreon account to help pay back the donor who had sent the video games to be archived. With the package being delivered, Byuu has contacted every person who wanted a full refund. Byuu will keep the Patreon open, so they can purchase the rest of the SNES games themselves for archiving – that way the donor doesn't have to stick their neck out to complete the project.