Users Asked to Submit DX Diag for Upcoming Skyrim Patch

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim released last friday along with update 1.1 which fixed many gameplay and quest bugs that those who were able to install and run the game properly might experience.  Unfortunately, there are still quite a big of folks who still can't play the game due to error. 

Bethesda has offered some solutions for those who crash to the desktop or have sound issues, but for many others they encourage you to submit your DX Diag information.  Yesterday, a Senior Community Manager at Bethesda posted, "Wanted to let everyone know that we are working ont he next update for the game.  Once we have more information on what that covers/fixes, we'll let everyone know."

"In the meantime if you're having issues running the game, please post your DX Diag information."

Submitting your DX Diag isn't required, but if you are experiencing crashes and errors, it's definitely helpful in allowing Bethesda to pinpoint the exact cause for the problem.  As you can imagine with the thousands of Skyrim players reporting bugs/errors, Bethesda has their hands full.  Take into account everyone's problem is different and unique to their own PC, submitting your DX Diag would be particularly helpful in solving your case.

From the responses currently on the forums it looks like the majority of problems seem to be frame rate issues, freezing, and crashing to the desktop.

Are you experiencing any major issues with Skryim?