Uplay confirmed for Xbox One and PS4

Uplay, Ubisoft's digital store and social service, will be used to support Ubisoft games on next-gen consoles, the company announced. For those unfamiliar, Uplay unifies most of Ubisoft's games with social features, achievements, rewards and, unfortunately, DRM. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and Watch Dogs will be the first next-gen games to make use of the service.

"You will benefit from the full scope of our services and features using just one unique profile when the PS4 Entertainment System from Sony and Microsoft's Xbox One hit stores later this year," Ubisoft said. Whether or not that "full scope" includes copy protection beyond what the actual consoles offer isn't clear.

In the same announcement post, Ubisoft confirmed that the release of the new update for Uplay PC 4.0 is "getting closer." It will bring some "extraordinary features" like social wall and download manager.