Updated Version of the Dangerous Waters Demo Has Now Been Released!

Updated Version of the Dangerous Waters Demo
Has Now Been Released!

Montreal, Canada. October 21, 2005. With the
retail release of “S.C.S – Dangerous Waters™” fast approaching, Strategy First
and Sonalysts, Inc. have re-released an updated version of the single player
demo that includes both technical and graphical enhancements.

The “S.C.S – Dangerous Waters™” demo features two
playable platforms, the MH-60R Seahawk helicopter and the Kilo class Diesel
submarine, each with its own exciting demo mission. The full version will allow
the player control of over 10 of the world’s most potent naval units.

A separate Demo Media Pack is also available for
download. It includes two walk through text descriptions of the two demo
missions; two walk through videos with some strategies for completing the demo
missions, as well as four of the in-game video tutorials (two videos
demonstrating the basic usage of the two included platforms and two videos that
provide general instructions on how to play “S.C.S. – Dangerous Waters”).

Download both the Demo and Media Pack today at
the following location:


S.C.S. Dangerous Waters Demo Media Pack


S.C.S. Dangerous Waters Demo v1.2

About Dangerous Waters

“Dangerous Waters” is a modern naval warfare
simulator that gives players absolute control over multiple air, surface, and
submarine platforms. Players will engage the enemy on, above, and below the
ocean’s surface as commander of ten of the world’s most effective naval
platforms. Gamers will focus their attention on taking direct control of
individual crew stations, from sonar and radar rooms to weapon control and
navigation consoles. Missions in “Dangerous Waters” are interconnected, with all
consequences from previous missions affecting the next. In the campaign, gamers
can play as the U.S., Russian, or Chinese forces.

For more information on “S.C.S – Dangerous
Waters™” please visit: