*UPDATED* Street Fighter’s Eagle and Joanna Dark head list of new Killer Instinct characters

Does this mean a new partnership with Capcom and Microsoft?


It turns out that the Eagle being considered is that of Thunder's brother from Killer Instinct. The others, however, still remain the same.


It looks like a new official survey is leaking the upcoming characters for the 3rd season of Killer Instinct. Joanna Dark, Crackdown Agent and Halo Brute are among the most well-known as well as some lesser known characters. The survey, which can be taken on the official Killer Instinct Ultra-combo site, also shows some variations (new skins) to existing characters like TJ Combo's Sharkman and Shadow Orchid. The rest of the survey doesn't go that in depth, but does ask about some more No Mercy's and other training options in the game. Be sure to check it out on the official site and check out the shots below of the two questions. 

Joanna Dark is the most obvious choice for Killer Instinct and was a surprise she wasn't in the initial roster. There is still one yet to be named character for Season 3, so hopefully it's her. It's also a surprise to see Eagle listed on here as well being a Street Fighter character from the original game. He uses double sticks as his main choice of weapon and hasn't been included in a Street Fighter game in despite the continued requests. Could this be a new partnership with Microsoft and Capcom?

In addition, some of the other characters are incredibly interesting. Magic Archer is a character from the Dragon's Dogma franchise that can use magic arrows, elemental attacks and specialized daggers. The Lovecraftian series indicates that Cthulhu could make an appearance which would be absolutely amazing as well. The Djinn are genie, elemental type creatures and could come from franchises like Golden Sun on Gameboy Advance or Castaway's Djinn game itself.

Not to toot my own horn, but all four of these characters were on my list of the most desired for both Killer Instinct and Street Fighter V. Dont' believe me! Check the links

Who is your top choice? Let us know below. 

Survey here