[Updated]Five Free BioWare PC Games and How To Get Them, This Week Only

Happy Holidays from Bioware

[Update:] The "freebies" mentioned by Bioware is actually a giveaway contest marketed as #5FestiveFreebies on Twitter​

RPG juggernaut BioWare is giving away PC games every day of the week this week, all the way to Christmas.

According to a tweet, BioWare will be giving free games beginning December 20 on Origin. They're going fast though and are only available for a day, so make sure to snatch them up or they'll be gone the next day. The game titles have not been revealed, so make sure you visit Origin every day to find out.

For a freebee right now, grab the original Dungeon Keeper here

Keep an eye on Origin this week to see what else is revealed.