Update 6: Return of Thoth-Amon Now Live on Age of Conan Servers

February 17, 2010

Update 6: ‘Return of Thoth-Amon’
Now Live on ‘Age of Conan’ Servers

Funcom launches official guild
rankings on the ‘Age of Conan’ community portal

Funcom is proud to announce that the
company has released another massive free update to ‘Age of Conan: Hyborian
Adventures’. The new update follows in a long line of free updates that have all
introduced massive amounts of new content, new features and groundbreaking
enhancements to the massively multiplayer online game that was awarded ‘Most
Improved MMO of 2009’ by MMORPG.com earlier this year due in part to the many
additional hours of content and gameplay that the development team has
introduced to the game since launch.

“I am very pleased to say that the
feedback we have received from our community on Update 6 so far is very good,”
says Funcom Game Director and Executive Producer Craig Morrison. “The new guild
renown feature is becoming very popular, and we are already seeing guilds
compete against each other in order to score higher on the guild rankings. We
really feel that this additional layer of gameplay will add a lot of depth to
the game, especially in terms of creating an even better social environment on
the servers.”

Update 6: ‘Return of Thoth Amon’
introduces the much anticipated guild renown feature, where any guild on any
server can acquire renown points that unlock exclusive rewards. Anything that
the members of that guild do – fighting monsters, fighting other players,
crafting items – will generate renown for the guild. Renown points will unlock
guild levels, and will for instance allow the guild to decorate their guild city
with new buildings, statues and banners, or allow the guild’s members to gain
access to exclusive item rewards. Players can view a list of the top ranking
guilds on all servers from inside the game as well as through the new guild
rankings website available on the community portal.

The update also introduces tons of
new content, mainly the addition of Thoth-Amon’s Stronghold – a new dungeon
featuring, for the first time ever, tier three raid content. Here players will
be able to encounter Conan’s arch-nemesis Thoth-Amon and even fight alongside
King Conan himself.

Launching in May 2008 ‘Age of Conan’
quickly became a smash hit in retail, shipping over 1.2 million copies around
the world. In North America, the most prominent online gaming market in the
west, ‘Age of Conan’ became the third best-selling PC title of the year in 2008.
In the weeks after launch ‘Age of Conan’ simultaneously topped the charts in 17
countries, and the game received critical acclaim from gaming press across the
globe. ‘Age of Conan’ is now available in English, French, German, Spanish,
Russian and Polish localized versions, and is being prepared for launch in Korea
as well.

For more information and how to
purchase ‘Age of Conan’ please visit
www.ageofconan.com. ‘Age
of Conan’ is also available as a free trial for players wanting to try their
luck in Hyboria.