[Update] Some people who signed up for the PC Titanfall beta are reportedly getting Xbox One codes

Word on the street is that the mass e-mails for the Titanfall beta are headed out as we speak. Many have taken to the game's subreddit to make this announcement. That being said, many are also taking to the game's subreddit to complain: they're getting Xbox One codes. While that may seem like a cause for celebration, it turns out that these people signed up for the PC version of the beta.

Supposedly, anyway.

There were a bunch of these posts being made as I was writing up this post. Those posts are now being deleted, possibly in fear of scammers. 

Is it possible that people are getting the beta codes for the wrong system? Yes; if you didn't sign into your Origin account when registering for the beta, you didn't get a PC code. Heck, you can't even sign up for the PC beta without being signed into Origin.

Is it possible that people are trying to scam PC codes? Also yes. What's interesting, though, is that the posts on the Titanfall subreddit aren't all asking for a trade. They're just saying "I thought I signed up for PC but got an Xbox One code."

Beta codes for Titanfall are expected to be sent out until February 17th. If you're hoping for PC, make sure you register for the beta while you're signed into your Origin account and triple check to make sure you actually click beta. Hey, mistakes happen; we're human after all.

Also make sure to avoid scammers and don't give out a beta code.

Worst case scenario, you can always just buy one on eBay, right?

Update: The mix-up has been confirmed.