[UPDATE] PlayStation Plus’ September 2017 free games lineup has been revealed, headlined by inFamous: Second Son

That leak was half true.

UPDATE: Apparently the PlayStation Blog had the wrong games listed for PS3 and Vita. Gamers will instead get Truck Racer and Handball 16 on PS3 and We Are Doomed and Hatoful Boyfriend on Vita. Here's the updated list in full.

  • inFamous: Second Son, PS4

  • Strike Vector Ex, PS4

  • Truck Racer, PS3

  • Handball 2016, PS3

  • We Are Doomed, PS Vita (Cross buy with PS4)

  • Hatoful Boyfriend, PS Vita (Cross buy with PS4)

Original Story: It's pretty late in the month, but Sony has finally revealed the free PS Plus games that we will be getting for the month of September following a half-true leak that dropped yesterday. The headliner of the offerings is far and away, inFamous: Second Son, which initially launched during the PS4's first calendar year on the market back in 2014. 

The second PS4 game is actually Strike Vector EX (as opposed to the "leaked" Child of Light) which is a first/third-person multiplayer aerial combat game. The game takes the fighter combat of Crimson Skies and throws it into a Quake-like arena for some multiplayer mayhem. The game also has a single-player campaign and a recently revamped enemy AI.

Here's the full breakdown of all of the PS Plus games courtesy of the PlayStation Blog:

  • inFamous: Second Son, PS4

  • Strike Vector Ex, PS4

  • Monster Jam Battlegrounds, PS3

  • Hustle Kings, PS3

  • Hue, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4)

  • Sky Force Anniversary, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4 & PS3)

If you are a PlayStation VR owner, you will also have the opportunity to grab RIGS: Mechanized Combat League as a free bonus game beginning on September 5th and running through November 7th. RIGS is an arena-shooter built specifically for virtual reality and was a launch title for the PSVR peripheral. Unfortunately, its studio closed its doors back in January, but the game lives on thanks to a pretty decent critical reception.

If you don't already own PSVR, Sony recently revealed all-new bundles that will be hitting store shelves in just two days, so there's never been a better time to take the plunge.

Also this month, PS Plus subscribers will be able to test-run Dead By Daylight from September 15th through the 18th and will have the opportunity to grab the game at a 30% discount. Neverwinter will also be dropping a new Plus pack to celebrate the game's latest update, Tomb of Annihilation. The pack features VIP time, a panther companion, among other things and is available until October 16th.

Also, That's You! is available as a free download until October 23rd as well as its companion app.

Source: [PlayStation Blog]