Update: No pre-loading for Titanfall on Xbox One, Microsoft confirms

Vince Zampella's confirmation that you'll be able to pre-load Titanfall on Xbox One — which was bolstered by the game's product listing on the Xbox Store — has turned out to be wrong. You will not be able to pre-purchase and pre-load Titanfall on Xbox One, a Microsoft representative confirmed. 

"We believe in digital distribution, and are proud to give gamers a variety of ways to purchase and experience their games. However, pre-purchase and pre-download for Titanfall for Xbox One will not be available from Xbox Store," the representative said. "We'll continue to strike a balance between digital distribution and its benefits, while supporting physical games purchase through our retail partners."

Here's what the listing originally stated:

Pre-purchase: You will be charged the full price immediately for this pre-purchase. Xbox One game expected to release on March 11th, 2014. You may download the game from Xbox Live before then, but it will not be playable until after 12:01 AM PST on the release date in your country.

"The pre-purchase offer page was posted in error. We apologize for any confusion," the representative affirmed. 

The good news is that you'll still be able to pre-load Titanfall from Origin on PC. Zampella recently revealed that the download size for the PC version will run approximately 21GB, while expanding to 48GB when installed. We're still awaiting confirmation for the Xbox One's install size, though Microsoft notes it could require "up to 40GB." The now-removed Xbox product listing previously stated 15.88GB of space was required on the Xbox One.