Update: No ‘Online’ pass for Titanfall; Season Pass still unconfirmed but very likely

There appears to have been some miscommunication regarding Titanfall and the possibility of a Season Pass for DLC. Shortly after tweeting that Titanfall will not feature a Season pass, developer Respawn Entertainment took to Twitter again to clarify. What they had meant to say is that there is no "ONLINE pass for Titanfall."

"We have no details to announce around a Season Pass at this time," Respawn added.

EA, of course, did away with online passes last year. Previously, EA-published games would require users to activate a code to access online play as a way to discourage the sale of pre-owned games. If a user did purchase a used game, they'd have to buy an online pass code directly from EA. That's all gone now and instead publishers are relying on DLC as a way to encourage users to hold on to their games longer, rather than trade it in.

By going back and clarifying their original mistweet, Respawn has all but confirmed that Titanfall will have a Season Pass — even though they can't offer any details about it. Given the fact that Titanfall will have some sort of DLC in the future, I'm willing to that a Season Pass will be offered.

Here are the updated tweets regarding Titanfall's Season Pass and DLC.