[UPDATE] Mass Effect: Andromeda confirmed to be playable early on EA Access AND Origin Access

Starting March 16th...

[UPDATE]: Mass Effect: Andromeda is now confirmed to be playable early on PC via Origin Access. The news was confirmed by Michael Gamble in a tweet. Here's that tweet.

Original Story: You know what always makes a gamer buddy jealous? Being able to play one of the year's biggest games early. Unless you're reviewing games, getting preview builds, or just have the right connections, one of the best ways to play games early is through EA Access. And it is now confirmed that BioWare's upcoming Sci-Action RPG epic, Mass Effect: Andromeda will be playable early to Xbox One players on EA Access.

The official Mass Effect Twitter account confirmed the news to an inquiring fan. Here's the tweet.

It is still not confirmed whether the same will hold true with the PC version's Origin Access, but there's no real reason to believe that it won't be the case. There's been a ton of news in regards to Mass Effect: Andromeda over the past several days, beginning with the reveal of the game's release date of March 21st, 2017. EA Access members are able to play new games five days ahead of the launch date, so that would put the early access date at March 16th, 2017.

There have been a ton of brand new reveals including screenshots and gameplay and if you are a PC player, you can get yourself hyped for Andromeda by grabbing Mass Effect 2 on Origin at no charge, if for some reason you don't already own the game.

Source: [Twitter]