Upcoming Early Access game, Astroneer looks to fill that co-op void that No Man’s Sky did not

You have my attention...

No, Man's, and Sky might be the three biggest trigger words among gamers this year. I won't bother to rehash what happened since just about everyone, and their grandmother hopped aboard the bash train back in August, but at the very least No Man's Sky did lay down the foundations for other games that could be. One such game could very well be a little Early Access title called Astroneer.

Astroneer describes itself as "a game of aerospace industry and interplanetary exploration," so it doesn't look to have the epic space battles we were hoping to see from No Man's Sky. What it does emphasize is terrain reshaping, cooperative play, customizable base building, and exploration across a variety of different planets. As you can also see from the trailer above, the game's tone is quite a bit different, electing to take a less serious and more lighthearted approach. 

Astroneer will be coming to Steam Early Access and the Xbox One Preview Program next week on December 16th, and according to the game's Steam page, it won't be releasing in full for at least a year. The final version of the game will supposedly incorporate some survival elements including "reality-based hazards. From weather situations, turbulent environments, and unforeseen medical crises."

Here's a list of features you can expect from the game's Early Access version at release:

  • Reshape terrain as though it were made of Play-Doh. 
  • Explore procedurally generated planets that can be entirely deformed and traversed. 
  • Build a spaceship and travel to new planets and moons. 
  • Snap together components and objects to create custom vehicles and modules. 
  • 4 player online drop-in/drop-out co-op.

Suffice it to say; Astroneer sounds like a solid chill game with friends.

Source: [Eurogamer]