Upcoming Battlefield 4 update will fix PS4 crash issues; Commander mode and 64-player Conquest enabled again

Great news, PlayStation 4 owners. DICE has identified and eliminated "three of the most common crash issues" for Battlefield 4 on PS4.

DICE made the announcement over on Battlelog, but didn't elaborate on the issue. They did say they will continue to investigate and eliminate stability issues "as we find them," so that's comforting.

The PS4 crash issues should be fixed in a game update planned for release during the week of November 25.  They plan on sharing more details on the udpate "soon."

Additionally, 64-player Conquest and Commander Mode have both been re-enabled on PS4 and are now available to play once again. Commander Mode was previously disabled due to network instability. Below are the two official posts from DICE:

Earlier on PS4 we noticed stability issues with 64 players on Conquest. You should now be able to join Conquest once again, but if you still have problems, please try re-joining.

As you may know we temporarily disabled Commander Mode on PS4 to improve network stability. Commander Mode is now back online as we have seen a big increase in overall stability.