Unravel director shares how Yarny became a reality

Yarny is the red thread that holds everything together

Back at E3 2015, Unravel was unveiled and Yarny stole the hearts of many. It's not long until his official debut, and in a recent blog post from the official site, creative director of Unravel, Martin Sahlin decided to share a little more info of how Yarny came about and the inspiration behind it all.

In the video above, you can see that Sahlin just started out with a cute little figure made out of yarn. From there he played and posed with it during his family camping trip, which gave him the idea of Unravel. Not so long after Martin became the creative director at Coldwood and Unravel became a real thing.

I really wanted Yarny to be brave, and to accomplish great things despite being so small. I hoped when we were making the game that Yarny would be empathetic and relatable, and based on your support, I can see that Yarny is already reaching people

Yarn means a lot of things in Unravel. It represents the bonds between people, the red thread that ties everyone and everything together. It stands for love, and Yarny is the manifestation of all of those things. Tethered to something important at the start of the game (and trying to make it to the end without unraveling), Yarny is a helper – a positive force.

Unravel will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 9.