Unofficial huge expansion Fallout: The Frontier out January

It's basically a new Fallout game altogether!

Rejoice fans of Bethesda’s cult post-apocalyptic action-RPG series! A massive new expansion is on the horizon with Fallout: The Frontier. The community mod for Fallout: New Vegas rivals the official game in scope and launches January 15th for PC. Here’s the new trailer which also shows the new car!

The love for the Fallout franchise among the gaming community is immense. Fans created so many awesome mods for Fallout 3 & New Vegas already. But as expected, full conversion mods and unofficial expansions like New California never fail to impress the most.

But the bread and butter of the series is the immersive single-player experience. One aspect Bethesda has been neglecting for a long time. Thanks to the passionate community however that doesn’t mean Fallout fans are entirely left in the dust.

Fallout: The Frontier is a highly-ambitious mod that aims to surpass most official expansions and even full Fallout games. After more than five years in development, the unofficial expansion will now launch very soon. Less than three weeks to be precise. And since it will be also available on Steam, enjoying it will be as easy as it gets.

The highlight of Fallout: The Frontier is a massive new Portland location that’s as big as the entire map of Fallout 3. That’s insane! But it’s not just empty space either. Lengthy quests promise more than 60 hours of hand-crafted story.

But there’s so much more. Fallout: The Frontier also features the highest number of weapons and creatures in the franchise. On top of that, it rivals Bethesda’s official offerings in terms of NPCs and dialogue options.

Just to remind you, this is a community-driven project. Yet, it basically offers content which you’d expect from a proper standalone Fallout game! But without a doubt, the most impressive feature in Fallout: The Frontier is the inclusion of cars. Yes, you’ve heard right. You can now roam the large world in a weaponized car! That’s quite impressive when you consider that none of Bethesda’s Fallout games ever offered that kind of mobility.

Fallout: The Frontier launches January 15th on PC. All you need is to own Fallout: New Vegas. We recommend you get the base game now during the Winter Sale for just $2.99.