Universal Boxing Manager 1.3.8 Released

February 5, 2008

Universal Boxing Manager 1.3.8 Released

Winter Wolves Games has just released version
1.3.8 of their popular boxing manager simulation. This new version adds lots of
new improvements and statistics:

  • Completely redesigned right-panel during the
    fight, with more detailed statistics and the possibility to “throw the towel”
    during a fight to avoid serious injuries to your boxer (CPU opponent will be
    able to do this as well)
  • As a consequence of previous feature, if you
    let your boxer fight even if is getting badly beaten by the opponent, your can
    get a serious penalty to your boxer’s skills and compromise seriously his
    future career!
  • Each punch received now reduces a bit also the
    boxer Speed skill (which determines how good he is in avoiding opponent’s
  • Better round scoring: the rating now is
    determined by effective damage and not number of punch landed/missed. You can
    now see many 10-9 if there was only a slight superiority and even 9-9 if both
    boxers didn’t really do any damage to each other

Click here to download the Universal Boxing Manager
1.3.8 update.

Like other Winter Wolves games, the game is
available on both Windows and Apple platforms and you can download a free trial
before you buy.