Unity Powers Nickelodeon’s Monkey Quest, US Air Force Academy’s Virtual Tour

The award-winning Unity game engine has been put at the helm of two new browser-based games: Nickelodeon’s Monkey Quest and the collaboration between Designing Digitally, Inc. and the US Air Force, a virtual campus tour for The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA).

Nickelodeon’s Monkey Quest has spent two years in production. A constant stream of feedback from kids has forged the backbone of the adventure game that was officially launched at the Annual Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday night. The game features what Nickelodeon is calling “console-quality game play.”

Monkey Quest encourages players to work together to solve puzzles and power through challenges in a world inhabited by foreign beasts. As the story progresses, your monkey will grow stronger, eventually becoming a tribal leader, and more land will be available to explore. Tales of the legendary Monkey King are also revealed throughout the campaign.

USAFA’s virtual tour offers users a guided interactive tour of the Air Force campus, providing several interactive features including a parachute jump, basketball shoot-out, flight simulator and other mini-games, and a series of clues that tie in to trivia questions.

“We continue to see explosive growth of Unity across all aspects of interactive 3D,” said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies. “Designing Digitally creating this virtual world for The United States Air Force Academy is an impressive example of market leading game technology being used for very serious uses.”

Both games are free to play and out now. Get your browser gaming on at the official Monkey Quest and 3D virtual campus tour websites.