Unique Trial Version Tells the StarLancer Story


ALERT: JUNE 16, 2000




announced today that the downloadable trial version for StarLancer, the
futuristic space combat game developed by Erin and Chris Roberts, will be
available later today on the game’s official site at http://www.microsoft.com/games/starlancer/.
The trial version contains two never before seen missions and its own unique
carrier ship, the Yamato. These intense missions are actually the prequel to
the retail version of the game, revealing the events that led to the transfer
of Commander Enriquez to the Reliant and her subsequent command of the rag-tag
45th Volunteer Squadron.


the trial version, the Coalition and the Alliance have signed a treaty that
brings an uneasy peace to the solar system. The first mission starts out as a
routine patrol around Triton. As a member of the Ronin squad players, along
with everyone else on the patrol, are lulled into a false sense of security by
the treaty and the seemingly empty space around them. That’s when all hell
breaks loose! The Coalition, with utter disregard for the treaty, launches a
surprise attack. The second battle marks the end of the treaty and the
beginning of the war. Succeed in crushing the Coalition forces and players
advance to fight another day. Fail, and they let down the Alliance and Triton
falls to the Coalition. The retail version of StarLancer picks up after this
second battle and the declaration of war.


delivers a level of graphic details and special effects not currently found in
space combat games. More than 80 types of spacecraft are rendered in
extraordinary 3-D detail adding to the complexity of the dynamic mission
structure. Players fly in over 25 gripping missions that range from escorting
marine boarding ships to free POWs to leading an assault on space stations
built right into an asteroid field. StarLancer also includes some exciting
multiplayer features. Players can work together cooperatively throughout the
entire story, with up to four players. Gamers can also dogfight in six
different deathmatch modes with up to eight players via LAN or Zone.com
(http://www.zone.com). StarLancer is available for an estimated street price
of US$49.95. For more information on the game, go to:



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