Undead Expansion Announced For MMO RTS Game SAGA

April 11, 2008

Undead Expansion Announced For MMO RTS Game

Silverlode Interactive revealed Undead as the
new faction joining the Brotherhood, balancing the sides in preparation for the
SAGA World Conflict feature.

SAGA’s much-anticipated sixth faction was
unearthed today. The Undead will be joining the Dark Elves and Orcs as part of
the Brotherhood, fighting against the Dwarves, Elves and Giants who make up the
forces of Order. The Undead faction will add over 20 unique unit types to the
core set, which already consists of over 150 different troops and spells.

Much of the story behind the Undead’s resurfacing
and timing of their release into the game will depend on player-driven events.
There is no official date for the expansion release. Everything depends on how
quickly players can complete the quests and gather the necessary resources to
free Goth Azul from the Underworld, who will unleash the Undead hordes into the
world. New units for the other five factions will also become unlocked as
players complete objectives.

Undead warriors are fearless and strike terror
into the hearts of their enemies. Their abilities and tactical strengths will
reflect conventional traits drawn from undead mythology with some surprises
thrown in.