Uncharted movie loses its sixth director due to scheduling conflicts

It’s that time again! The seemingly unkillable Uncharted film has lost its sixth director, Bumblebee helmer Travis Knight. Knight joined the project this past September after 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg left in August. Trachtenberg had signed on to the film in January 2019.

Knight will no longer be directing the film due to scheduling conflicts, according to Deadline. Due to star Tom Holland’s commitments to the third Spider-Man film, slated to shoot this coming summer, it has interfered with Uncharted’s production. Uncharted was being looked at for an early 2020 shoot date so it could hits December 2020 release date but it seems that Knight wasn’t ready to start rolling and pushing the production back wasn’t possible.

The Uncharted film remains a priority for Sony still but the release date will be delayed. Knight had made significant headway during his brief tenure where he cast Mark Whalberg as Sully opposite Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake. There is a sense of irony in this as Whalberg was cast to play Drake back when the movie was greenlit almost a decade ago but he has since aged out of the role.

Sony is now looking for the film’s seventh (and hopefully, final) director to steer the ship to the finish line.

Uncharted’s current release date is December 18th, 2020 but Deadline notes the release date will be pushed backward.