Uncharted movie finds new director in 10 Cloverfield Lane’s Dan Trachtenberg

Uncharted is one of the most beloved gaming franchises due to its charming cast of characters, cinematic stories, and bombastic action. For roughly a decade, Sony has been looking to capture the magic Naughty Dog brought to the PlayStation 3 and 4 and put it on the big screen.

Various stars like Mark Wahlberg have been attached to play Nathan Drake, different directors have come and gone, but it has been in a seemingly neverending state of limbo. Sony refuses to give up on the project and that’s why they have brought in director Dan Trachtenberg to come tackle the massive feat for the studio.

Trachtenberg is known for helping J.J. Abrams revive the Cloverfield franchise with the 2016 isolated thriller, 10 Cloverfield Lane, as well as directing a successful episode of Black Mirror focusing on the horrors of VR. While this is all very small scale in comparison to a big blockbuster like Uncharted, Trachtenberg was also previously developing a Portal film with J.J. Abrams but the state of it remains unknown.

The young director is incredibly well-versed in video games as already proven by his involvement with Portal and the VR episode of Black Mirror but he was also part of a YouTube show in the mid-2000s that discussed video games called The Totally Rad Show. He’s a fan and an incredibly capable filmmaker, so he’ll be sure to deliver the best Uncharted movie one could make

As of right now,  Variety reports that Sony wants to get the Uncharted film into production by the end of 2019 with Tom Holland still attached to star. The film will reportedly follow a young Nathan Drake in his first run-in with his eventual mentor, Sully. It’s unclear if this will adapt that memorable sequence from Uncharted 3 and use it as a launching point for a bigger story or if they’re going to make something 100% new.

Only time will tell but a draft of the script has already been written so if we were to guess, they’ll probably touch it up with some revisions and be on their way. Is the Uncharted movie finally going to see the light of day? It seems Sony is incredibly eager to make it happen, especially with a 2019 start date in mind!