Uncharted Kart Racer Next for Naughty Dog?

Naughty Dog has proven themselves as masters of the action / adventure genre with Uncharted 3, the Playstation 3 exclusive recieving near-perfect scores across the board, as well as many early nominations for Game of the Year. The question now is what will the developer do next? Luckily, the denizens of the 4chan.org message board seem to see a pattern, and have charted out their next hit.

As can clearly be seen, Naughty Dog has always followed up their successful trilogies with a racing game tie-in. For the original Playstation, Crash Bandicoot put them on the map, the thrilling kart based antics of Crash Team Racing a truly fitting end to their work on the franchise. For beloved action-platformer Jak and Daxter, Jak X combat racing kicked the series into overdrive. And now with the Uncharted saga coming to an end, it's clear that UnKARTED: Nitro Legacy, is primed for launch sometime in 2012.

Who's excited!?!