Uncharted actor spills news about Visceral’s Star Wars project

Visceral's Star Wars game to be like Uncharted / Star Wars 1313

We've known for over a year that Amy Hennig (Of Uncharted glory) left Naughty Dog to work with Visceral on a new Star Wars game. However, the type of game has been carefully kept under wraps. Well recently, Nolan North, the voice of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series, dropped a few bombs about Visceral's Star Wars game. At a panel at Tampa's Metrocon 2015, North playfully mentioned that he knew a thing or two about this new Star Wars game.

First, and most obviously, he mentioned that the new Star Wars game would be like Uncharted. Considering all the years Hennig has devoted to the series, this should come as no surprise. North also mentioned that Visceral's game would have a lot in common with LucasArts fabled Star Wars 1313. We'd predicted that EA would potentially take on Star Wars 1313, and while this isn't the same game, it's nice to see that it will live on in spirit.

North is good friends with Hennig, so it's probably no stretch to say that they talk about work with each other. However, it's entertaining to consider the possibility that North might voice a character in this new Star Wars game. He did mention doing some motion capture tests for Star Wars 1313, so it's entirely possible.

While this is all unofficial (and frankly predictable) so far, it's great to hear more about Visceral's Star Wars game. For now, we'll just have to keep it in the back of our minds, and wait for more official news.

[Game Informer]