Uncharted 3 Actor Nolan North Talks ‘The Last of Us’

Anybody who has played or heard of Naughty Dog is probably familiar with the game Uncharted.  As developers of one of the most recognized, successful franchises, and one of the marquee PS3 exclusive titles, Naughty Dog surprised the world when it was revealed that they would be working on a new "unbelievable" game called The Last of Us.

When the the trailer aired and showed two characters – Ellie and Joel – questions and rumors immediately flared.  Fan wanted to know who the voice behind these new characters would be!?  Was Joel being voiced by recognized Uncharted actor Nolan North?  For those who haven't heard the name, Nolan North is famous for voicing Naughty Dog's Uncharted character, Nathan Drake. 

Nolan North's fame spreads well beyond the Uncharted series, however.  In fact, he may be one of the most famous, recognized names in the gaming industry.  In addition to the Uncharted Series, Nolan North has worked on dozens of blockbuster games included Batman: Arkham City, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Call of Duty: Black Ops to name a few.

So given his popularity, experience, and past work experience with Naughty Dog, it would only be fitting for him to have some sort of role in their new game.  North took some time out of his busy schedule to speak to Gamerlive.tv and weigh in on Naughty Dog's The Last of Us, and the potential of him having a role in the game.

When asked if he'd like to team back up with Naughty Dog and be in The Last of Us, Joel responded: "I hope so. We’ll see. I love Naughty Dog. I would love to jump in there and do anything that they might want me to do. The only thing I would want is for it to be something very different from Drake in doing something like that."

So then there's no hope for a possible Nathan Drake easter egg in the new game?  North clarified, "I saw on a post somewhere somebody said, “Maybe Joel will run across some old crotchety guy, and it’ll be Drake years later.” I’m like, “No, that’s probably not going to happen.” I want to do something different."

Whether or not North will have a role in The Last of Us is still yet to be known, but that didn't stop North from having some fun with all of the character and acting rumors.

"Actually, I should probably just tell you. Let’s just stop the rumors. I’m not Joel, but I actually am going to be playing the young girl. Let’s start that rumor. You and I can start that rumor. “Nolan North confirms he’s not Joel, but he is the young girl.” I don’t remember her name right now."

The character he was referring to was, of course, Ellie.  And while many have spotted glaring similarities between the character and Ellen Page (which has sparked tons of rumors), she is actually being voiced by Ashley Johnson.  Not only that, but it has been confirmed that she is also performing all of the character's motion-capturing as well.

Nolan North is currently on tour promoting the PS Vita exclusive Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Sly Cooper, as well as his new book, "Uncharted: Drake's Journal – Inside the Making of Uncharted 3: Drake's Journal".

As far as that goes, North had this to say: “For all the people that don’t like Nolan North, buy the book and he will stop his quest for dominance to be every character in every game.”

"I’ve got two degrees in journalism. This is what I did. This is what I was going to do for a living. This is where life pushed me, into acting; I don’t know how I even got here. I woke up, and I’m doing stuff. The industry elevated me to be able to do this for a living, and it’s a good living. God, I always hate to sound hokey, but I wanted to give back. I wanted to shed light on the people who really are responsible for making this stuff."