Ultra Street Fighter IV was Capcom’s surprise announcement during EVO 2013

The Street Fighter series is among the premiere fighting games, built for tournament play. Street Fighter IV brought the series into the next-generation, Super Street Fighter IV refined some rough edges and now Ultra Street Fighter IV will even further rebalance characters, add some new ones and even new stages.

Announced over the weekend at EVO 2013, Ultra Street Fighter IV is adding five new characters (Poison, Hugo, Elena, Rolento and a secret character) and six new stages (including Pitstop 109, Cosmic Elevator, Half Pipe and more) as well as rebalancing for all current 39 characters thanks to fantastic fan feedback.

There will be multiple ways to acquire the definitive version of Street Fighter IV. It will be available as a full retail game for $39.99, which will also include all previously released costume DLC. Owners of Super Street Fighter IV or SSFIV Arcade Edition will be able to upgrade their game to Ultra for $14.99, however this will only include the Ultra exclusive additions, and will not come with all the costume DLC.

The game will be available early 2014 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.