Ultima Online creator setting the RPG stage for a “ten-times-larger audience” with new project

Famed video game creator Richard Garriott is known for his groundbreaking Ultima Online games – at least to an older generation.  Today's gamers likely know him more for his space travels and ridiculous castle-themed mansion.  After a brief stint with failed MMORPG Tabula Rasa, Richard Garriott has been pretty wrapped up in his space adventures and promoting his new documentary Man on a Mission, which tracks his journeys in space. 

Garriott hasn't totally abandoned the gaming industry, however.  In fact, he's actually working on a variety of titles already – ranging from Akalabeth to Lord British's Ultimate Role Playing Game, which is presumably the "spritual successor" to Ultima Online that Garriott wants to create.

Back in December, Garriott revealed he was actually in "very high level" talks with EA about another Ultima game. But don't count on it being like past games from him.  Garriott made it clear back then that it would be free-to-play and usable across multiple mobile platforms like the iPhone, iPad, Android, and PC platforms, though he made sure to steer clear of the term "social network game".  Back then he said, "The virtual world game is not just an ultra-light MMO shopped on social media.  I think that would be a failure."

Instead, it looks like he's got an even bigger plan – one aimed at targeting a larger audience that is only accessible through multiple mobile platforms.

"I have a game in production now that will set the stage for a ten-times-larger audience," Garriott said during an interview with Motherboard.

"Aiming to do what we did before MMORPGs, bringing ten times more people into role playing games," he added.

That's quite a feat, but if anyone is able to attain it, it's Garriott.  While the hardcore gamer may be turned off by the idea of Garriott creating a game playable on what many consider to be "casual" gaming devices, I'm actually intrigued to what he has to offer.