Ultima Online Creator’s House Up For Sale

Richard Garriott, or "Lord British", has placed his house up for sale.  Garriot is the designer behind Ultima Online, one of the first MMORPGs that really kick-started the genre. 

As you can see the home gets it's inspiration from the medieval-themed game he designed. Refferred to as Britannia Manor II (which you might recognize as a city in Ultima), Garriott's manor looks out over Austin, Texas and features a 360 degree observatory with telescope, pool, grotto, and a waterfall.  I wouldnt' be surprised to find some secret passages that lead to dungeons; maybe Doom? 

The asking price: $4,100,000.00.  That's about the average selling price for an 18×18 in Ultima Online, especially for a house in a prime-time location like right next to Destard.  I'd assume the house comes furnished with some rares and artifacts.

Now you can have your Ultima Online dream house in real life.  I know what you're wondering.  Why would any sane millionaire drop four million on a house themed after a video game?  They probably wouldn't, but if I had an extra four mil lying around, you bet I'd live there in a heartbeat.  Imagine the loot in that house.

The official listing has Britannia Manor II as a 3 bedroom home with 2 full baths, and 3 half baths.  It rests on 3.99 acres and is 5,900 square feet.  The description reads:

Britannia Manor II, the captivating & magical estate of Richard Garriott, aka, Lord British, is seeking new stewardship. Situated high on a level 3.99ac hilltop overlooking downtown & a 3,000ac preserve, this home offers amazing architectural details & intrigue plus an "off the grid" energy realm. Features behind the iron gate include a 360 degree observatory w/ telescope atop the approx 4790 sq ft home, pool, grotto, waterfall, +detached studio, separate guest quarters, a/c'd barn, lagoon,lighted track.

Hmm…this realtor didn't do a very good job of listing the perks like underground mazes, secret passageways, and primetime real estate in the very safe Trammel.  No reds here here!