UK Gets Cool White PS3, North America Gets Nothing

I'm the type of gamer who bitches about how Japan gets all the cool stuff. They get all the cool exclusive RPGs over there. They get all the snazzy alternate console models. Hell, they even get … Wait, what? Now Europe is getting something cool, too?

GameStop UK has listed a sexy white PlayStation 3 on its page. The console looks nice and, well, white! Seriously, the clean finish on the console is just pretty to look at. I'm jealous.

Will North America be getting a crazy white PlayStation 3? Probably not. Will I continue bitching when stuff like this happens? Maybe. If I'm in the mood.

In any case, I really wish North America would get some cool console models like this white PlayStation 3. I guess I can always look for a plain white skin to put on my console. Oh, who am I kidding? It's not the same!

i want this