Uforia Releases New Details for Mercenary Wars

September 3, 2009


Team Deathmatch, Plant the Bomb, Mercenary Team Deathmatch and Destruction
Race Make Up The Exciting Modes of Play In The Next-Generation of First Person
Shooter Online Games

Uforia, an online game publisher specializing in massively multiplayer online
games today announced the gameplay modes for its upcoming Online Military FPS,
Mercenary Wars.

The gameplay modes include Team Deathmatch, Plant the Bomb, Mercenary Team
Deathmatch and Destruction Race. For more information and to register for
updates visit the recently launched teaser website at:


The modes:

Team Deathmatch-In Mercenary Wars’ "Team Deathmatch" mode, two teams face off
in combat against each other and the team with the highest kills wins. In this
head-to-head battle, the winner is the team which has more kills when the time
expires or the team which reaches the prerequisite number of kills first. Killed
players are automatically re-spawned in just a few seconds.

Plant The Bomb- In the "Plant the Bomb" mode there are two teams competing
against each other. Each of the two sides is given their mission–one is trying
to plant the bomb and the other trying to prevent that from happening. The bomb
is given to one member of the attacking team at random and once it is planted it
is detonated within a limited time period.

Mercenary Team Deathmatch-In the "Mercenary Team Deathmatch" mode, a team may
be organized with AI or mixed with players and AI’s. The team with the highest
kills wins the round and killed players re-spawn in just a few seconds. The side
that reaches its kill quota first, or has more kills when time expires, wins!

Destruction Race-Two teams operate in Destruction Race mode and race to
destroy the opponents defended target. Each side has a number of destroyable
targets on their side of the map, and the side to destroy the targets belonging
to the opponent wins the competition! Killed players are automatically
re-spawned at their last captured target position. Other special features
include a map divided into sections that must be defended.

Unlike other first person shooter games available today, Mercenary Wars
features a unique stat system that players can use to upgrade and customize
their lifelike characters. The combat in the game is designed to feel very
realistic, while also allowing players to adjust their speed, accuracy, and
health stats. Mercenary Wars is set in the not so distant future in a world
where order and society as we know them are a thing of the past. The economies
of the world have crashed and have been replaced with total chaos. New alliances
have been forged and the world is now controlled by well-trained groups of
mercenaries. Players must determine who to swear their allegiance to and fight
side-by-side to the death, if necessary, in the quest to ensure becoming the new
global powerhouse.

Mercenary Wars will also feature an innovative Artificial Intelligence system
where computer controlled "bots" can be used in several ways ranging from
practice to enhancing game play. Via four difficulty modes, players can select
their desired skill level no matter what their previous FPS experience might be.
Other features include multiple gameplay modes, a variety of character types and
races, extensive ranking system including more than 50 different character ranks
and titles, an expansive number of weapons and equipment which allow for
character customization and a built-in player-to-player audio communication tool
for enhanced real-world combat simulation.